About Scientists4Future

Scientists4Future is an international decentralized grass-roots organization, which started in Germany and Austria in March 2019. In these countries, there are now about 80 active groups, often connected to academia or research institutes. Since the end of 2019, S4F is also active in The Netherlands in several cities: Amsterdam, Delft, Nijmegen and Utrecht, and new groups are being formed in Deventer-Zutphen, Groningen – and now also here in Twente.

S4F wants to bring actual scientific information in an understandable form into the public debate about the climate crisis and about the measures that can be or are already taken.

S4F is not a political action group and is not connected to any political party or action group. S4F avoids aggressive campaigning and assures that all activities, actions or publications are based on sound scientific studies or are otherwise clearly recognizable as the personal opinion of the author/speaker. S4F does not pose any demands or formulate any political program but can give science-based evaluations of the consequences of political programs or opinions.

Members and supporters of S4F are of course free to participate in the activities of other organizations, like political parties or action groups. They can do so, but not in the name of S4F.