Realizing our aims

To realize impact, S4F-Twente works with different focus groups, targeting, among others, the following domains:

  • Education – organize and give (a series of) guest lessons in secondary schools and ROC’s, in cooperation with the teachers. Possible topics could be the physical, ecological, geographical, economical, historical, political, sociological, and medical aspects of the climate emergency.
  • Offering public lectures for any organization that is interested – such as local organizations for specific professions (doctors, farmers, …) or societal organisations (youth clubs, churches, village associations, cultural associations, …)
  • Media – follow the local and national media, from the free neighbourhood newspapers and Tubantia to NRC, and react rapidly and systematically to one-sided information, misinformation or ‘fake news’. In a more active way, one could create a regular column in these media or solicit for participation in (local) TV or radio. We could also become active on social media.
  • Politics – most people active in national and local politics come from a non-beta background. The broad spectrum of scientists in Twente can provide valuable considerations to local and national politics, by providing, explaining and interpreting information about the climate emergency, and showing the interrelations with (local) society and the possible consequences of political decisions. There are always elections on the horizon – S4F can play a role in analyzing and interpreting the consequences of choices made in party programs and promote more climate-related political commitments.
  • Companies – many of us have some connections with local companies and start-ups. We can support and help employees and management within these companies with suggesting, starting or running climate-related initiatives.
  • Support of (local) activist groups and individuals.
  • Support of the S4F-Twente organization – coordination of S4F-Twente, IT support, administration, building and maintaining contacts with S4F in other cities, collecting information about relevant related organizations and activities in Twente, …
  • Anything you can think of that can help to advance the aims of S4F-Twente.

The scale of activities of a single member or a focus group may focus on their home village or city, or far beyond. By working together in a group we expect that there can be a lot of synergy and mutual motivation.