Core group

What we do

  • support of the S4F-Twente organization – website maintenance, administration, strategy
  • initiate, support focus groups, and maintain contact to the focus groups
  • build and maintain contacts with S4F in other cities
  • collect information about relevant related organizations and activities in Twente


  • prof. Yola Georgiadou (UT/ITC)
  • prof. Gertjan Koster (UT/TNW)
  • prof. (emeritus) Theo van der Meer (UT/ET)
  • prof. Karin Pfeffer (UT/ITC)
  • prof. Alexey Voinov (UT/ET)
  • Yuri Engelhardt, PhD (UT/ITC)
  • Evert Houwman, PhD (UT/TNW)
  • Karina Vink, PhD (UT/ET)
  • Erik Kemp, MSc student (UT/EEMCS)
  • Carolina Pereira Marghidan, MSc student (UT/ITC)


via , or personal email to Yuri Engelhardt or Evert Houwman.


  1. Since December 2020 weekly online meetings, Monday 15.00 (If you like to join our meeting, contact us for the link.)
  2. Launch of S4F-Twente website and mailing: week 11/1/2020
  3. Interviews in UToday (18/1/2021), 1Twente Vandaag