Core group

What we do

  • support of the S4F-Twente organization – website maintenance, administration, strategy
  • initiate, support focus groups, and maintain contact to the focus groups
  • build and maintain contacts with S4F in other cities
  • collect information about relevant related organizations and activities in Twente


  • prof. Gertjan Koster (UT/TNW)
  • prof. (emeritus) Theo van der Meer (UT/ET)
  • Evert Houwman, PhD (UT/TNW)


via , or personal email to Yuri Engelhardt or Evert Houwman.


  1. periodic online meetings, Monday 15.00 (If you like to join our meeting, contact us for the link.)
  2. Launch of S4F-Twente website and mailing: week 11/1/2020
  3. Interviews in UToday (18/1/2021), 1Twente Vandaag