Why I joined Scientists4Future

It is only a few years ago that it fully sank in with me to what extend mankind is letting things going out of control with respect to our environment and especially the climate. Despite the recently signed Paris agreement, the interim report of the IPCC, clearly showed that there was no slowing down of CO2-emissions and that consequently, mankind is heading towards a dramatically changed and ‘dark’ future, which already will become obvious in the lifetime of my children! I noticed also that many people do not fully realize the extent of the climate crisis and the drastic actions that are needed to avert it or seem to close their eyes to its consequences. And I am puzzled why so few people take action even if they know. As a trained scientist I see it as my responsibility to help people understand the climate message of the IPCC-scientists so that they realize it is not something far away in the future, but something real that is going to impact our own lives and that of our (grand) children.

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