What is Scientists4Future?

Scientists4Future-Twente enables scientifically trained professionals and students (in all scientific fields) who are concerned about the future, to connect with each other, and to empower citizens and organizations in Twente (and beyond) by strengthening ‘climate literacy’ and advocating for a science- and evidence-based approach to the climate emergency and other environmental crises

Possible audiences and contexts for raising awareness and providing science-based support include:
– schools
– policymakers
– companies
– non-profit organizations
– the media

University TV ‘Campus Talks’ has featured S4F-Twente – you can watch the video here.
UToday wrote about S4F-Twente as ‘A platform where people can connect’.

Please consider supporting us by lending your name as a supporter of this initiative, or by joining us in our efforts – let us know via our registration form.

You can also contact us via:

The following people are supporting this initiative:

  • prof. Maarten van Aalst (UT/ITC)
  • prof. Vera Araujo Soares (UT/BMS)
  • prof. Albert van den Berg (UT/EEMCS)
  • prof. Gerrit Brem (UT/ET)
  • prof. André Dorée (UT/ET)
  • prof. André ten Elshof (UT/TNW)
  • prof. Tatiana Filatova (UT/BMS)
  • prof. Yola Georgiadou (UT/ITC)
  • prof. Geert Heijenk (UT/EEMCS)
  • prof. Michiel Heldeweg (UT/BMS)
  • prof. Jennifer Herek (UT/TNW)
  • prof. Hans Hilgenkamp (UT/TNW)
  • prof. Jos van Hillegersberg (UT/BMS)
  • prof. Mark Huijben (UT/TNW)
  • prof. Gertjan Koster (UT/TNW)
  • prof. Menno-Jan Kraak (UT/ITC)
  • prof. Stefan Kuhlmann (UT/BMS)
  • prof. Freek van der Meer (UT/ITC)
  • prof. (emeritus) Theo van der Meer (UT/ET)
  • prof. Frieder Mugele (UT/TNW)
  • prof. Andy Nelson (UT/ITC)
  • prof. Karin Pfeffer (UT/ITC)
  • prof. Guus Rijnders (UT/TNW)
  • prof. Jurriaan Schmitz (UT/EEMCS)
  • prof. Boelo Schuur (UT/TNW)
  • prof. Richard Sliuzas (UT/ITC)
  • prof. René Torenvlied (UT/BMS)
  • prof. Alexey Voinov (UT/ET)
  • prof. Wieteke Willemen (UT/ITC)
  • prof. Raúl Zurita-Milla (UT/ITC)
  • prof. Floris Zwanenburg (UT/EEMCS)
  • Maarten Arentsen, PhD (UT/BMS)
  • Funda Atun Girgin, PhD (UT/ITC)
  • Chris Baeumer, PhD (UT/TNW)
  • Alexander Baker-Friesen, PhD (UT/Green Hub Twente)
  • Sissi de Beer, PhD (UT/TNW)
  • Martin Bennink, PhD (Saxion/LED)
  • Cheryl de Boer, PhD (UT/ITC/PGM)
  • Luc Boerboom, PhD (UT/ITC)
  • Cas Damen, PhD (Saxion)
  • Yuri Engelhardt, PhD (UT/ITC)
  • Jaap Flokstra, PhD (UT/TNW)
  • Nienke Beerlage-de Jong, PhD (UT/BMS)
  • Evert Houwman, PhD (UT/TNW)
  • Karina La Fors, PhD (UT/EEMCS)
  • Lin Leppert, PhD (UT/CCP)
  • Maia Lordkipanidze, PhD (UT/BMS)
  • Kris Lulofs, PhD (UT/BMS)
  • Daniel Monteiro Cunha, PhD (UT/TNW)
  • Monica Morales-Masis, PhD (UT/TNW)
  • Hasib Mustafa, PhD (UT/ET)
  • Abhishek Nair, PhD (Wageningen University)
  • Leon Olde Scholtenhuis, PhD (UT/CME)
  • Beril Sirmacek, PhD (Saxion)
  • Gül Ozerol, PhD (UT/BMS)
  • Monica Ramos-Meija, PhD (Pontificia Universidad Javeriana)
  • Anton Verbeek, PhD (Cooll)
  • Karina Vink, PhD (UT/ET)
  • Don Westerheijden, PhD (UT/BMS)
  • Franziska Baack, MSc (UT/ET)
  • Eddy Bramer, drs. (UT/ET)
  • Mischa de Bruijn, MSc (UT/STePS)
  • Mariëlle Feenstra, drs. (UT/BMS)
  • Lena Heinrich, MSc (UT/TNW)
  • Edsko Hekman, drs. (UT/ET)
  • Marcel Alexander Heinrich, MSc (UT/TNW)
  • Wim de Jong, drs. (Twenco)
  • Rolf Oldejans, drs. (City of Enschede)
  • Oleksandr Mialyk, MSc (UT/ET)
  • Aleid Teeuwen, MSc (UT/ITC)
  • Jurrie Bruggeman, BSc (UT/TNW)
  • Erik Kemp, BSc (UT/EEMCS)
  • Carolina Pereira Marghidan, BSc (UT/ITC)
  • Stella Breedveld, BSc student (UT/BMS)
  • Lieke van de Donk, BSc student (UT/ITC)

We are a local chapter of Scientists4Future NL and Scientists for Future Internationa

The executive board of the University of Twente supports the ‘Scientists for Future’ initiative.